February 2017 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Steven Burns

Steven Burns

Value Based Workflow To Improve Your Color Images

Program Description

In today's workflow there is great emphasis on color and it stands in the way of achieving the ultimate fine image. If you are interested in taking your imagery to the next level, then it's time to rethink your workflow to focus on producing a more expressive range of B&W values to achieve a more expressive color image.
We will explore a variety of approaches to pulling values from color images using zone system approaches with the use of your Channels.


Stephen Burns (www.chromeallusion.com) is a digital artist and author of books on being creative with your digital tools. He is an Adobe AEL (Adobe Educational Leader) and Adobe Freelancer and has taught digital creativity internationally. He is an Instructor at Otis School Of Arts & Design. He is also the president Of The San Diego Photoshop Users Group (www.sdphotoshopusers.com) which is currently the largest Adobe Photoshop Users group in the country.

He is guest writer for a number of magazines to include the feature article and front cover of Photoshop User Magazine (http://www.chromeallusion.com/articles_index.htm). In addition, Stephen is the author of the following books (http://www.chromeallusion.com/books.htm):

1. "3D Photoshop For Creative Professionals"
2. “Photoshop CS5 Trickery & FX”
3. "The Art Of Poser & Photoshop"
4. “Advanced Photoshop CS4 Trickery & FX”
5. "Advanced Photoshop CS3 Trickery & FX"
6. "Advanced Photoshop CS2 Trickery & FX"
7. "Photoshop CS Trickery & FX"

He has discovered the same passion for the digital medium as he has for photography as an art form. His background began as a photographer 28 year ago and in time, progressed toward the digital medium. His artistic influences include the great Abstractionists & the Surrealists including Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Mark Tobey, and Lenore Fini, to name a few.

Stephen Burns has been a corporate instructor and lecturer in the application of digital art and design for the past 15 years internationally. He has been exhibiting digital fine art around the world at galleries such as Durban Art Museum in South Africa, Citizens Gallery in Yokahama, Japan, and CECUT Museum Of Mexico to name a few. Part of his exhibiting won him 1st place in the prestigious Seybold International digital arts contest.

He teaches Digital Manipulation Workshops online and privately.
He is an instructor on http://training.xtrain.com/faculty/show/Stephen+Burns,
Photoshop Café (http://www.chromeallusion.com/dvd_index.html),
& Layers Magazine(http://www.chromeallusion.com/tutorials_3d_layersmag.html).

You can reach out to Steven at:

Phone: 760 436-9921
Cell: 901 494-0553


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