October 2016 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Nick Agelidis

Nick Agelidis

Lightroom - What it can do and why you should be using it!

Program Description

The workshop will focus on the various editing and organizing techniques available in Lightroom. The main purpose will be to address participants' concerns about "making the jump" to Lightroom, and also showing the many capabilities that make the jump worthwhile.

Nick will provide a fast-paced demonstration of many of Lightroom’s most important features that should be helpful for beginner and intermediate Lightroom users.


Nick Agelidis is a photographer living in La Jolla, CA. Nick was born and grew up in Australia. He moved to England in his twenties to complete a PhD in engineering; he came to the US in his thirties and worked in the automotive industry, which then took him to Holland and France in his forties, and back to the US in his fifties.

Nick has been an avid traveller from an early age and has lived in Australia, England, the US, Holland and France. His extensive travels have given him many opportunities to indulge his photographic passion, which has more recently developed into exhibitions, presentations, and book and print sales.

His photography book, La Jolla: A Photographic Journey, was published in 2014 by Sunbelt Publications. He is also the author of numerous self-published photobooks from his travels in India, China, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere.

Nick can be reached at http://www.nickaphoto.com/.


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