April 2016 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Tom O Scott & Sonja Longley

Tom O Scott & Sonja Longley

Techatticup - A Gold Mine for Abstract Photographers

Program Description

Join us as we welcome two speakers and active members of our club this month, Tom O Scott and Sonja Longley, as they take us on a trip to Techatticup.

Where is that you ask? Nelson, Nevada would be the identifying marker on a map but you'll have to get the rest of the directions from Tom himself.

It's a five and a half hour trek from Encinitas, which includes a journey through mountainous landscape touting ribbons of multi colored ore, a miner’s paradise back in the day.

Once home to Paiutes and Mojave Indians, the area named El Dorado quickly became over-run with gold seeking Spaniards. Now you can find dilapidated homes with weathered wood walls, abandoned machinery and about 100 hardy residents, determined to hang on.

But it is still a couple miles to Techatticup. And this is where the magic begins. Littered with discarded autos, Tom and Sonja found a plethora of rust, the subject of their obsession.


Tom O Scott has been a long time member of NCPS and an award-winning photographer since 2003. He specializes in abstract images, especially those influenced by the passage of time -- sand patterns created by the ebbing tides, peeling paint and rust on vehicles left for decades in the desert sun, and fantastic shapes emerging from bubbling safety glass windshields. Scott especially loves images that convey metaphor, and gives titles to his images that engage the imagination.

Scott has been a first place winner in the San Diego County Fair, the Black & White Spider Awards, a nominee in The Photography Master's Cup, The International Photography Awards, and the Annual Exposure Awards. He has exhibited at many local and national galleries, including the Center for Fine Arts in Ft. Collins, CO; the San Diego Natural History Museum; the Ordover Gallery in Solana Beach; and the Loft Gallery at UCSD.

Follow Tom at any and all of the web addresses below: Website: www.tomoscott.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tomoscott
Facebook: www.facebook.com/10153160594621130 500px: www.500px.com/tomoscott
Art Limited: www.artlimited.net/32699

Sonja Longely was introduced to the art world at a young age while she grew up in the Netherlands. Her dad, an award winning pastry chef and artist in his own right, would take her on the back of his bicycle to visit the many art museums in The Hague. She has always had a love of nature and a keen interest the play of light.

Her interest in photography blossomed while taking photography classes at Orange Coast College. Since joining NCPS that interest has grown to a passion, especially in close-up photography and in distilling an image to its essentials. She is also an award winning floral designer and a master flower show judge.

You can find some of her work at: http://nc-photo.org/gallery/Sonja%20Longley/index.html


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