October 2015 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Kurt Lightfoot

Kurt Lightfoot

“Shoot for Story – Edit for Perception”

Program Description

The power of your photography begins with the visual symbolism of the story you are telling. Editing in Photoshop conveys your story to the viewer. This interactive workshop traces the "story-perception" process using examples of classical and contemporary photos, events, portraits, pets, landscapes and car culture. This workshop is discussed in more detail here…

Bio/Artist Statement:
The narrative creative framework informs and inspires all my client and personal photography projects. For clients I am an event photojournalist: I seek and capture the visual story that unfolds at the client's event. My personal interests include narrative and documentary approaches to urban scenes with cultural relevance. Current projects include: contemporary protest-activism iconography, urban narratives with irony and juxtapositions, and narratives with isolation. I have a special interest in hot rod and custom car culture. 'Car culture' is defined by cars as artistic creations, cruising and its spectators, cruisin' venues, and the broader social context.

I believe the photographer's role is to find the subject's message and translate it into a visual narrative that the viewer can understand intuitively and quickly. The successful image is a meaningful visual-literacy partnership between the creator and the viewer.

Website: www.kurtlightfoot.com


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