August 2015 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Les & Mary Anderson

Les & Mary Anderson

"A Shot In The Dark"

Program Description

Or ... "Night Sky Photography Basics."

So half of your life is spent in the dark of night, but have you really explored the possibilities of night sky photography? You travel half way around the world to iconic places in the northern and southern hemisphere, you click away until sunset and then call it quits for the day. Maybe you get up to catch the sunrise. Think again, maybe you should lose a little sleep and capture some of the most outstanding images of your life. Come explore Earth and sky when the Moon and stars come out and photography techniques you can use between sunset and sunrise.

This presentation will explore the art of night sky photography. You most likely own all the equipment you need, and the software to make multi-image star trails is fun and free. Specific applications and techniques for planning optimal images of Earth objects like mountains, buildings and trees combined with Sun, Moon and stars will be reviewed. A handout will also be provided that covers some of the handy techniques and a pre-shoot checklist to help get you the image you want and keep Murphy at bay.


Les and Mary have been photography hobbyists for decades. In fact, that's what brought them together! They met on a photo field trip to Yosemite in May 1990 and have been enjoying photography together ever since.

They photograph all types of landscapes and nature, including birds, flowers, insects, etc., but their passion involves sky phenomenon. They have chased solar eclipses all over the world and photographed auroras in Iceland and Alaska. Les is a retired scientist and Mary is an astronomy hobbyist who works at the Fleet Science Center. They enjoy sharing photos and techniques, and that’s what started this adventure.

Les is president of SCACC (Southern California Association of Camera Clubs) which is the umbrella organization that covers the photo clubs which meet in the Photo Arts Building in Balboa Park.

Their website is


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