February 2014 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Jim Karnik

Jim Karnik

The Wilds of California

Program Description

When it comes to natural diversity, few places on earth compare to California. From majestic mountains to stark desert landscapes, to a rugged coast teaming with life, California just about has it all.

For over 25 years photographer/filmmaker, Jim Karnik has been working with conservation organizations and resource agencies to create films that explore California’s wild places, inform people about important nature conservation efforts and inspire them to get involved.

Filming the Wilds of California is a presentation about producing these natural history film projects throughout California and working with individuals who are passionate about protecting and preserving California’s native habitats & species.

Accompanied by sample clips from various film projects, Jim will cover both old and new projects as well as introduce The Wilds of California project currently in production. The Wilds of California is a multi-media photography and film project designed to help increase public awareness and appreciation for California’s incredible natural diversity. Viewed either as an inspirational art film or nature documentary, the ultimate goal of this project is to reach as large an audience as possible through traveling exhibits, on-line video and DVD distribution.

From 16mm film to high definition digital video, Jim will also discuss how camera technology, computers and the internet have changed both production and distribution over the years.

Above all, Jim hopes that through this presentation viewers will come away with a new appreciation for California’s spectacular natural diversity.

For additional information and to view films on-line please visit Jim Karnik Films at www.fieldnotes.com


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