February 2018 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Larry Vogel

Larry Vogel

Photoshop on the Fly, A Unique Critique Experience

Program Description


Let’s talk about how we take an image from “That’s Nice” to “WOW!”

Larry Vogel has created a program with a unique blend of image critique and Photoshop techniques from YOUR digital image files. Process your favorite images, do the best you know how, then submit your image files to Larry and join us on February 28th as he projects club members’ images for a live critique session. Vogel will also offer suggested image improvements along with valuable digital processing techniques.

Vogel has worked as a fine art photographer, exhibiting, selling and creating work for more than 25 years. During those years he has taught workshops and helped hundreds of photographers improve their craft and vision. Vogel now brings his years of experience as an artist and instructor to provide a unique presentation experience that will help to raise your photography to a whole new level.

Larry will work through several images submitted by club members, providing a valuable critique of the image content and craft. He will include in his presentation simple Photoshop techniques to improve how the image looks and feels.

Please limit your submission to 3 images. Email your photos to Larry Vogel at vogelart@cox.net no later than February 24th. Please be sure to put North County Photo Society in the email subject line.
Files must be prepared for digital projection with these guidelines:

1) Files should be flattened with no layers
2) All files should be in 8 Bit depth
3) JPEG format
4) OK to leave in Adobe RGB color space or convert to sRGB
5) Longest dimension to be 2,000 pixels (this allows for best projection)
6) File size not to exceed 3 megabytes
7) File resolution can be left at your camera native resolution, such as 240, or it can be at a resolution of 72 as long as the required pixel dimensions of 2,000 are met
8) Save the file with your last name and number them like this example with your name in place of mine: Vogel_001, Vogel_002, Vogel_003


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