Ann Collins

Featured Speaker,    October Meeting


"How to Create Panoramic Photos"

Program Description

Come to the October meeting to learn how to shoot and stitch panoramic images. Published photographer and NCPS member Ann Collins will demonstrate how she captures images for a panorama, how she readies them in Adobe Lightroom, and how she uses Photoshop to stitch and finish the final result. Although her process includes Lightroom, it is not necessary. Photoshop can be used alone or in combination with Bridge. During the onscreen portion of the program, Ann will show examples of the different results you can get from the various Photoshop stitching options and take one of her favorite panoramas from start to finish. Her presentation will be packed with tips from the capture stage all the way through the processing stage. Panoramic photos are a fantastic way to record a scene vertically or horizontally--or both ways at once--without pushing the scenery far into the distance with a wide-angle lens.


Ann has been an avid photographer for more than 30 years, but she has progressed in her skills after going digital. She embraces the technological options available, such as panoramas and HDR (high dynamic range), which can be combined. Over the years, she has traveled a good bit and taken photos as her souvenirs. Her images usually accompany her writing. She has had articles published in magazines and newspapers, including Highlights for Children, Westways, MotorHome, the San Francisco Examiner’s Sunday travel section, Arizona Highways, and others. Ann’s photographic education has come from a lot of reading, a smattering of classes, several intensive workshops, and membership in camera clubs. “The best education,” she says, “has come from taking lots and lots of digital photos.”


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