Jack Davis

Featured Speaker,    July Meeting

jack davis

Adobe Camera Raw 6 and Lightroom 3 for Digital Photographers

With Photoshop CS5's new ACR 6, and Lightroom 3, Adobe has introduced tools that have the power to completely change the way we shape our photography. Instead of working one image at a time, one step at a time, now the vast majority of our photographic finishing can be done quickly, elegantly and nondestructively in one place! - without even opening Photoshop! This includes such universal tasks as instant enhancing and dodging & burning, to background blurring, glamour retouching and even hand tinting! That's what ACR 6's and LR 3's Localized Correction tools and new processing engine have brought to yield this highly increased workflow. You will have to see these techniques in action to understand just how powerful they are.


Jack Davis is one of the world’s leading experts on Photoshop, with over a million award-winning “Wow!” books in print, in over a dozen languages. Jack was one of the first inductees into the Photoshop Hall of Fame for his lifetime contributions to the industry, has an MFA in Digital Imagery, and is one of the most passionate shooters and teachers you’ll ever enjoy meeting!


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