Jack Davis

Featured Speaker,    April Meeting

Jack Davis

Jack "Photoshop Wow" Davis and his own Exploretorium of Photography and Photoshop!

Jack Davis is nothing if he is not trying something new his art. And his art is his photography, and his brushes are his cameras.

In this presentation Jack will share his experimentations with his "Bat Utility Belt" of camera gear - from Infrared to waterproof, from iPhone pictures to motion blur drive-bys. And Jack will share not only What he is currently exploring in his photography, but also the Why - the Why "Playing" with your art is so important to keeping the passion alive.

Jack will also share how he sculpts his Photography with Photoshop (even the new CS5!!!), and will demonstrate his Quick, Easy, Flexible way to experiment with your own photography - without even opening up Photoshop (ACR and/or Lightroom).



Jack Davis is one of the world’s leading author and expert on Photoshop, as well as himself being an award-winning photographer. Jack is coauthor of the bestselling (a million copies+ in 12 languages) guide to Photoshop, The Photoshop Wow! Book which won many awards (Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Computer Book, Computer Press Assoc: Best How-To Book, International Digital Imaging Assoc: Most Useful Book). His latest book, How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography, showcases the process of going beyond what was shot, to crafting what was experienced.

For over 20 years Jack has been an internationally renowned spokesperson on digital imagery, and routinely teaching at conferences and workshops around the world. He is part of the “Dream Team” at the Photoshop World Conferences and was one of the first inductees into the Photoshop Hall of Fame for his lifetime contributions to the industry.

Jack has an MA and MFA in Digital Imagery, and when he’s not in his studio in San Diego, he’s usually somewhere in Polynesia, camera in hand, capturing the local color.


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