July 2007 Meeting
Critiquing Session

July's program will be another critiquing session, just like January. It'll be like an extended member share but with one big difference - we will have two "judges" critiquing instead of the general audience.

We're very lucky to have what I like to call "The Two Mikes" - our own members, Michael Seewald and Mike McMahon! Michael Seewald is a local professional (please see his website: www.seewald.com, and you all know Mike McMahon - our past club president!

Plan on submitting one or two images that you would like feedback on. Preferably, these should be digital file submissions emailed to me, Carrie Barton ouraydog@cox.net , as you would usually email for member share. Before emailing, please size your images so that the longest side is 1024 pixels and the file is not larger than approximately 150KB.

Also, please send them in advance - two or three days before our meeting. Name the files with your initials and number 1 or 2 (in case we get A LOT of images and can only show one of yours - that way we'll know you really want the #1 shown for sure).

Alternately, you can still bring in prints. However, we are discouraging that because it is difficult for people to see the images (both the judges and the members) unless the prints are VERY large!


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