Jack Davis
Featured Speaker,   October 2006 Meeting

Topic: WOW Photoshop Tips

Jack D

Jack Davis, author of “How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography” will present Photoshop on two levels. The first will be a slide show exhibiting the results of basic photo processing, jpegs, and color correction. Jack will then give us tips on color correction in Photoshop and Camera Raw.

Jack is a Photoshop educator, author, designer, and photographer. He is co-author of the award-winning and best-selling series The Photoshop Wow! Book. For almost 20 years, Jack has been an internationally recognized creative spokesperson on digital imagry and the visual communication. He has given keynote addresses on computer tools and creativity and hands-on workshops throughout the US, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and many other countries.
Jack D
He is a truly gifted Photoshop trainer and digital photographer and has been one of the key trainers at PhotoshopWorld since 1999. Jack shares his talent and experience as a contributing editor through his regular columns in Photoshop User magazine as well as Nikon’s Capture User magazine. Jack was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.


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