Dominick Lemarie
Featured Speaker,   July 2006 Meeting

Topic: A Journey in Botswana: It’s Landscape and Wildlife


Dominick Lemarie was born on a small island, Moroni, in the Comoros Islands (in the Indian Ocean), which was a French Territory at that time.

Despite the fact that his main interests in life have always been Animals, Nature and Photography, he spent 12 years behind a computer screen in France, dreaming of an ideal job with a Camera in hand and the magnificence of Nature in the viewfinder.

The Palette Dominick and his wife, Michelle, moved to the United States from France in March 2002, with their dogs Digit and Moheli, and cat, Jodie. It was the perfect occasion to change their lives and do what they were dreaming of! Dominick decided to pursue his passion, and after two classes at UCSD Extension on learning how to process and print in Black & White, he created his business: Dominick Lemarie Photography & PhotoPets.

He has no limitations in his photography, and doesn’t want to have any. Dominick uses Canon equipment for his work. His motto is: "Stay in focus, wherever the focus is aimed, in auto or in manual mode, and have fun!"

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