Tom O Scott, Featured Speaker, July 2004 Meeting
Taking Your Work Public

Picture of Tom O Scott Tom O Scott's first experience in taking his work public occurred in May, 2003, when he entered ten works in the San Diego County Fair. He was encouraged by the results, when 5 of them were accepted, with a 3rd place in the Color Still Life/Abstract category, and 3 honorable mentions. Since then, he has entered numerous competitions at a variety of venues, including the 2004 San Diego Fair, where he won 1st and 4th place; the 2004 International Photographic Exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, CO; the San Diego Art Institute, where he has had numerous works accepted into regional and Southern California juried shows; and the San Diego Art Guild, where he has won a variety of awards.

This presentation will cover a wide variety of aspects involved with the process of taking one's work public. The starting point is determining your primary audience, which means knowing what you're good at. After that, you need feedback, and lots of it, and Tom will suggest a variety of ways of doing that. Then there are lots of technical issues involved in getting your work ready -- from putting together a cohesive portfolio, to getting it ready to show.

If you do succeed at getting a showing, you have to put your best foot forward, and Tom will discuss contracts (very briefly!), layout, publicity, receptions, and other preparations for a show.

This night will cover a wide variety of issues in a short time, so there is a complete outline of the talk at Tom's website.

Tom's website is:

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