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What is the North County Photographic Society?
The North County Photographic Society (NCPS) was founded in 1983 in Del Mar, California, for the purpose of promoting the enjoyment and appreciation of all types of photography.

The Society's goal is to provide a casual forum in which all San Diego County photographers can enhance their photographic skills and interest through cooperation and sharing with others.

NCPS meets at 213 Quail Gardens Drive, in the San Diego Botanic Gardens (formerly the Quail Botanical Garden).
The mailing address is: NCPS, P.O. Box 231881, Encinitas, Ca 92024-1881.

Who should join?
Anyone with a sincere interest in the art and practice of photography whether professionally or as a hobby, may become a member of the NCPS.

How much does it cost?
The cost for a single membership is $30 per year. The cost for a dual membership is $35 per year - a real bargain!

What activities and services does NCPS offer?
The Society holds its regular evening meetings at San Diego Botanic Gardens in Encinitas on the fourth Wednesday of each month during January through October. In November, we meet on the third Wednesday; in December, we usually have a Holiday party.

Generally, the meetings include professional guest speakers covering some aspect of photography. The NCPS sponsors various field photo shoots and contests, area exhibits and seminars.

Every October/November, we hold our Annual Member's Show, which features some of the best photography in the county, and is juried by an outside photographer. Members are encouraged to bring two of their finest works from the year to this show. Only members in good standing are allowed to participate.

The Society assists members with the following: Exchange of photographic equipment and/or publications; networking with photographic sources and markets; non-competitive evaluations; and interfacing with other photographic groups. Some photographic businesses offer discounts to NCPS members.

How can I become a member?
Come to one of our meetings as a guest. If you have any questions, write to us at: North County Photographic Society; P.O. Box 231881; Encinitas, CA 92024-1881. E-Mail us at:

Who runs NCPS?
Many NCPS members volunteer their time during the year to help with monthly meetings, photo exhibitions, and special events. The Volunteer Leadership Team (VLT) is a group of volunteers who meet monthly to help plan the monthly meetings and special events for the Society. You can find their names listed under the 'Contacts' tab (from the Home Page, click on 'Contacts' Or click here.

How can I share my images?
Members may bring up to two images for Member Share and/or the most recent Photo Shoot. You can bring prints, but it preferable to send images for display with a digital projector. If you wish to send images for projection, be sure to read our digital projector guidelines. One of the best ways to share your images is to set up an online gallery on our site, or contribute images to the Photo Shoot galleries.

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