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2014 .Glennie Memorial2014 NCPS Entries for the George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon


2015 .Glennie Memorial2015 NCPS Entries for the George W. Glennie Memorial Salon


2016 .Glennie Memorial2016 NCPS Entries for the George W. Glennie Memorial Salon


2017 .Glennie Memorial2017 NCPS Entries for the George W. Glennie Memorial Salon


2012 .Kick-off PartyJanuary 2012 kick-off party


2011 .Member ShowA sample of the images submitted to the 16th annual member show held in the Encinitas Library, Encinitas Ca. October 18th through November 26th


2013 .Member ShowThis is but a sample of the images submitted to the 18th annual member show held in the Encinitas Library, Encinitas Ca. October 8th through November 23rd


2014 .Member ShowThis is but a sample of the images submitted to the 19th annual member show held in the Encinitas Library


2015 .Member ShowThis is but a sample of the images submitted to the 20th annual member show held in the Encinitas Library


2016 .Member ShowThis is but a sample of the images submitted to the 21th annual member show held in the Encinitas Library


Jeffrey BrosbeI look upon creating the image much as a poet must feel about creating a haiku. It should be whole in its surface observation while offering commentary in its interpretation. In 1994, more than three decades later after my start in photography, I offered my art to the general public with the creation of Beyond Words Fine Art Photography.


Jim Clineis a travel photographer whose area of special interest is in the countries of Latin America. He especially enjoys exploring less-traveled areas, and takes particular interest in the indigenous peoples and traditional cultures. Jim leads photographic tours to Baja California, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru.


Steve EilenbergPlease type a short description of yourself. This will be displayed on your main gallery link


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Paul ElsberryBoth a photographer and a fly fisher, Paul Elsberry has spent years in the field as an amateur, though dedicated, seeker of beautiful fish and wild territory. Most of his work was developed in the Pacific Northwest.


Peter FayPhotography has been a passion for much of Peter's life but it wasn't until he retired from a career in engineering that he had the time to really pursue it. The primary sources of inspiration and material for his portfolio have been worldwide travel and hiking in wilderness, but he has also found wonderful material right in "his own backyard".


Nancy HackerI've loved photography ever since my first Brownie snapshot. Since living in the Pacific Northwest and now in San Diego, I have gotten more serious about my photography. Joining NCPS has inspired me to up my game. I'm a retired dental hygienist.


Fred HeinzmannFred is a retired engineer who has had photography as a hobby off and on since he was a teenager. The advent of digital technology has breathed new life into the hobby.


Grant HulbertA software engineer by trade, Grant became interested in photography when digital cameras first became viable with 4 megapixels. His new favorite camera is Micro 4/3 Panasonic DMC-GX7 with f1.7 40mm equivalent pancake lens. He enjoys writing apps for the club.


Nancy JenningsNancy Jennings is a local photographer who is a member of several photography clubs. She shows her work in several galleries and exhibits.


Dori JohnsenPlease type a short description of yourself. This will be displayed on your main gallery link


Sonja LongleyI have always been intrigued by the serendipidous part of photography: things not obvious with the naked eye but come to light through a macro lens or with certain post-processing methods. My recent passion for creating abstracts came about in this way.


Bob MandichTwo of my favorite hobbies are travel and photography--especially people. I enjoy the interaction and rapport with the subjects, even if is only a conversation, a "Please", "Thank you" or a handshake. My first gallery is an example of this.


Joyce Mateprojects her connection to nature, especially through her floral and landscape images. Nature scenes, particularly in the Midwest, stir her artistic emotions. All in all, if a scene can be photographed and Joyce has her camera nearby, she'll capture it. Joyce won First Place (Blue Ribbon Award) at the International Exhibition of Photography, 2010 San Diego County Fair with her Abstract shot in Chicago's Millenium Park.


Robert McClanahanI do a lot of landscapes. However; regardless of the subject I want to expand my skills and capture more of what Feininger called the intangible. in other words - more emotional impact.


Bill McIntireAfter retirement, I discovered that digital photography is a terrific pastime with unlimited opportunities for being creative, for learning and for buying more stuff.


Kathy NashKathy enjoys nature and travel photography and is always in pursuit of a forgotten barn or dramatic light in her native Minnesota or in Montana where she spends several months each year. Her favorite subjects in San Diego are the varying moods and colors of the ocean and lagoons.


Dan NougierFor travel images, I try to bring home intimate pieces rather than the whole city. It is always a challenge trying to distill a large chaotic scene into the simplest elements that still convey all the emotions of the grander area. I enjoy dusting off my Holga and pin hole cameras occasionally. However, my current workhorse is a Canon 5D Mak II.


Martin OretskyCombining photography and travel is one of my hobbies.


Len OzerkisRetired orthopaedic surgeon, have done photography with my older brother since grade school. Digital photography changed everything. I shoot passionately and would like for my work(play) to be seen. Len


Diane PeckI am a native or Rochester New York and a former employee of Eastman Kodak Company. I have been a member of PSA (Photographic Society of America) since 2004. I compete in PSA International Exhibition competitions and have won a number of honorable mentions and a Judge’s Choice Award. I belong to Exploring Light Virtual Camera Club (Vice-President), Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (previous Secretary), Southern California Roundup Chapter and North County Photographic Society. I continue to judge competitions throughout Southern California. I love shooting a variety of subjects, especially anything having to do with water. Other favorites are old things, cars and buildings, and my dog, Maggie. But, as opportunities present themselves, I just shoot.


James David PhenicieJames is a Carlsbad-based wedding and portraiture photographer. Photography has afforded him the ability to communicate with those with whom he has come in contact, to share a common interest in the beauty of life, taking the instant to capture a snapshot of a moment in time of what he's seen, felt and revered.


GarrieLynn RhodesGarrie started taking pictures when she was seven, and started developing her own photos when she was nine. She loves the challenge of looking at the world through the camera lens. This forces her to see the shapes, colors and patterns in everything she observes.


Wayne RichardA dedicated photographer for over 50 years, I am driven by passion and emotion that I compell captures of my imagery. I invite you to take a moment to visit my galleries and enjoy some of my work!


SandyZelasko Sandra Lee PhotographyHello, thanks for visiting! Happy to represent NCPS. Click on my name above to see current galleries on the NCPS website. Click on the link below to be directed to my website.


TomO ScottI do some landscapes, but abstracts are my true love. Each of the images in this gallery represents a portfolio on my website -


Michael Seewald"Seewald's images communicate in a quiet, lyrical way. Speaking to the photographer, one feels that this is an individual so in love with his art, so in love with the world, that he'll work for as long as he's able to see." Photographers Forum Magazine. Visit Website


Sanford ShermanI took a course at UCSD in photography and aesthetics. One of the lectures included a study of Western concepts of beauty originating from the art of the Greeks and the Romans. Then my wife, Ann Force, and I were in the museums and Roman Villas of Italy. We were overwhelmed by the volume and beauty of the ancient art. Now it was just a matter of holding the camera steady because no flash or tripods are allowed.


Dennis SmithPlease visit my website at:


John Stires IIIA late-September trip to Katmai, Alaska, yielded ten beautiful days of intense and extreme bear activity. All shot with Canon 5D-II, 100-400 IS lens and a monopod. is THE consumate guide organization with a 110' boat used as a 'motel room'. Katmai is on the same longitude as Hilo.


Barbara SwansonI have enjoyed creating and sharing images for many years. I am especially drawn to photographing nature, ranging from capturing the detail and beauty of flowers to landscapes. I use both digital and film formats and only minimally alter my photos in the digital darkroom.


Andrew SziklaPlease type a short description of yourself. This will be displayed on your main gallery link


Jim WenckPlease type a short description of yourself. This will be displayed on your main gallery link


Ted WhirledgePhotography is fun! It combines planning and adventure with exploring to unite seeing, experience and... heart.


Patricia WilliamsI enjoy creating meaning and connecting with the world through photography. Photography elevates the mundane and makes life more fun!


Judi WorksI enjoy capturing wildlife images. I enjoy the challenge of taking photographs from my kayak and while hiking and traveling. My images have received awards at the Carlsbad/O'side art Show, San Diego County Fair and NCPS Contests. A few of my pictures have appeared in the San Diego Union Neewspaper as well as the North County Times and Coast News and Beach Break News. I take photographs to make art and to make photographs that please men and inspire others with their beauty.


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