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Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 28 - 6:30 pm
Where: San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinitas
(Formerly Quail Botanical Gardens) Agenda & Directions.


Speaker: Michael Orenich

Topic: Mongolia

More information about the program.

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  • September's Topic: Picture Postcard
  • Picture Postcard

    Use your photography and post-processing skills to create a postcard that shares something you want others to see.
    A postcard can be promotional for a place, thing, or event. A postcard can also share mood and emotion.

    "One person's picture postcard is someone else's normal." Barbara Kingsolver

    Consider making your postcard stylish with post-processing graphics and text overlay.

    What story or vision will you share?

Please submit up to 2 images.   (Go to Members Login and submit your images there)

Before you submit images to the projectionist please read these Instructions

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Devotions ©2012 James David Phenicie
Taken from the Things in Dad's Workshop gallery of James David Phenicie


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Message from the Show Coordinator...

Our 21st Annual Members' Show is in full swing and scheduled to hang from Wednesday, September 21, through Saturday, October 29, 2016, in the Community Room at the Encinitas Library.

The opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, September 24, from 1-4 pm. All are welcome! Bring a friend or two. It is open to the public. Don't forget to cast your vote for the Viewers' Choice Award. There will be a scrumptious cuisine lineup, live classical music and engaging conversation with fellow photographers.

Want to invite family and friends? Go to www.nc-photo.org and on the home page there is a link to an e-card invite you can easily forward.

If you have work hanging, don't forget to make note of the pick-up date Sunday, October 30, from noon to 2 pm. If you have a conflict and cannot pick up at this time please feel free to contact me in advance so we can discuss options.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reception! Enjoy the show!

Nancy Jennings
Member Exhibition Coordinator

Here is the electronic version of our exhibition postcard for you to use as an invitation on your social media posts and email correspondence. click here Use it to invite your family and friends!

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